Meet Angelsclick

We invite you to join the Angelsclick project, established to provide financial assistance to children who are in need of medical examination or urgent surgery.

All that is needed from you - just a desire to help. Our project is suitable even for those who do not have sufficient funds to take part in a charity program. Participation in our program is absolutely free. Joining Angelsclick, you get the opportunity to help sick children financially every day and give them hope for a speedy recovery.

You may wonder how it works. In fact, it is very simple. You download Angelsclick program and then run it. Every day when you open you web-browser, a banner of one of our sponsors will be displayed on the screen. When you close this window, your browser will automatically open your home page. It is not a big change for you, except for taking a few seconds of your time to view the banner, but it can save somebody’s life. 100% of the income from a banner exposure will be donated to the children in need. Thus, without spending anything from your budget, you become a Benefactor, investing only a few seconds of your time!

Our aim is to turn planet Earth into a planet of angels saving lifes!

We report on all donations which we receive. All money will be used solely for charity purposes, so you can be assured of our fairness. Currency fraud and abuse are absolutely excluded, as we work with hospitals directly, without intermediaries.

Spend just a few seconds before you start doing your business - give hope for recovery to those who really need it!